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A bright idea for your home.

Book an estimate today to reserve your Fall 2023 installation date!

The perfect exterior lighting solution.

Introducing a new, state-of-the-art exterior lighting solution that is so much more than just Christmas lights! Eternalight is a locally-owned small business offering industry-leading, Canadian-made permanent holiday lighting to Windsor and Essex County.


Invisible by day, brilliant by night.

Eternalight installs a lighting track that is custom-made and colour-matched to your home, providing a seamless appearance that blends perfectly with your existing architecture.


Select from over 16 million colours or choose from hundreds of patterns to create the perfect lighting display for any occasion.

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Eternalight proudly endorses and installs the Celebright lighting system.

Eternalight is the original, longest-tenured Celebright dealer in Windsor and Essex County. We are the experts in permanent holiday lighting and it is all we do! You can trust our team to provide an exceptional install every time. Our experience is the difference!

An affordable, zero-maintenance solution.

Built for Canada

Fully waterproof and weatherproof. Our system is rated to work at -40°C, and even works when submerged underwater.


More than just Christmas lights! Use as pot lights, shine your team's colours on game day, orange for Halloween... you get the idea!

Smartphone controlled

Control all aspects of your lighting system easily from an app on your phone. Compatible on both iOS and Android.

Comprehensive warranty

Our lights are built to last, and we back this with a comprehensive three-year warranty on materials and installation.

Energy efficient

Each LED uses about 0.3 watts of electricity at full brightness. This is incredibly low - about a 2.5 cent cost per 1000 hours of use per bulb.

Easy scheduling

Have your lights turn on at sunset. Program in your favorite holidays. Never worry about turning off your lights again.

Invisible by day

When not in use, the lights are virtually invisible from the street. The track is colour-matched to your house to blend in perfectly.


A permanent, maintenance-free system at the cost of just a couple seasons of professional light installation. Get a quote today!


Eternalight Install Map

Eternalight continues to light up homes throughout Windsor and Essex County. Use the map below to locate homes near you that have trusted Eternalight's team of experts with their permanent holiday lighting install.

Install Map
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